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Make sure you're never missed, with arrival notifications.

Take credit card payments at a fantastic rate.

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Never Missed, Easily Found

Never a missed customer: Free applications for you and your customers - to make sure you never miss each other again! Let new customers find you easily on the Near Me section of the JustArrivd app.

Did you know..?

of customers have not known when their local vendor is arriving, or have missed the vendor when they have arrived.

Out of 107 respondents - June 2016

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Stimulate sales by sending out special offers that can be redeemed using a voucher to single or select groups of customers. Use vouchers to: promote new products, entice back occasional customers and encourage sales of high profit items.

Reward Loyalty

Drive repeat purchases and cement-in habits by rewarding your customers with your own loyalty schemes.

Customer Tabs

Let your customers pay off their tabs from their mobile.

Find out instantly which tabs are overdue and request payment at the touch of a button.

Your customers can also pay off their tab at home on their computer or by clicking a link from an automated reminder text message.


Sell quickly and easily to your customers using the JustArrivd mobile EPOS system from a smartphone or tablet. Accept cash, credit card and allow customers credit. Analyse sales for each stop, product and customer. Easily export data. Create meal deal discounts and more.


Keep track of your stock on and off your vehicle. See stock levels on screen, reduce wastage and increase profits.

Customer Insight

Your entire history with each and every identifiable customer. Spot customer trends and increase sales with targeted promotions.

Financial Benefits

Examples of how JustArrivd can affect your business:

Description Yearly Benefit (1 Vehicle) Yearly Benefit (12 Vehicles)
Credit Card Transaction Savings

JustArrivd understands that most card transactions are small. We provide a substantial saving against traditional mobile card machines.

Figures are calculated using: £300 per day total sales per vehicle, 40% by card.


JustArrivd: 1.79% of sales (no monthly fee for card terminal) = £43 (£516 per year) VS traditional mobile card machine companies. Example: Barclaycard mobile card machine £25 / month + 1.5% of sales = £61 (£732 per year)


JustArrivd: 1.09% of sales (no monthly fee for card terminal) = £314 (£3,768 per year) VS traditional mobile card machine companies. Example: Barclaycard mobile card machine £25 / month x 12 vehicles + 1.25% of sales = £660 (£7,920 per year)
Win more clients

Using JustArrivd's marketing features (Arrival Notifications, Loyalty Schemes, Vouchers) increase return custom and create new.

Figures are calculated using: 2 customers who would have missed you. 2 new customers see you stop nearby on the JustArrivd app and come and buy from you. They spend £4.50 x2 and £2.00 x2. Total £13.00 per day.


£13.00 x 20 days x 12 months


£13.00 x 20 days x 12 months x 12 vehicles
Extra Stops

Save time at each stop with clients ready for your arrival and by making the sale faster.

Figures are calculated using: A 30 stop round taking 4 hours, the average stop interval is 8 minutes. Reducing each stop by 30 seconds allows the addition of two extra stops within the same 4 hour route.


2 extra stops with a sale of £7.50 x 20 days x 12 months


2 extra stops with a sale of £7.50 x 20 days x 12 months x 12 vehicles
Route Management & Fleet Tracking

Route prompts ensure that vehicles do not miss any scheduled stops. This prevents occasional mistakes or temporary drivers missing stops. Route histories allow you to verify all stops are being made.

Figures are calculated using: 2 stops missed per week (a 1% error), resulting in lost sales and unhappy customers. 2 customers at each stop.


2 stops missed £7.50 per week x 4 weeks x 12 months


2 stops missed £7.50 per week x 4 weeks x 12 months x 12 vehicles




Single Vehicle Pricing

£45 month

Use the Single Vehicle edition of JustArrivd from just £45 a month. Want more flexibility? JustArrivd is also available on a monthly rolling contract.

  • Arrival Notifications
  • Vouchers
  • Loyalty Schemes
  • EPOS System (unlimited: cash / credit card / credit payments)
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Insights

Software Pricing
Contract Period Yearly / Month Monthly
Single plan £45 £55
Required: Phone or tablet. 3G or 4G sim card with 2GB of data and good coverage of your area. Supported Card Reader (£30 one off cost found here)

Device Launch Pack

Get everything you need to trial JustArrivd on a vehicle. For £90 you'll get:

  • Handheld PDA with barcode scanner
  • Multi-Network 3G connection with data
  • Supported Card Reader
  • 1 month trial

At the end of your trial, simply return the hardware, or pay a fixed fee, keep the hardware and move onto a monthly plan.

JustArrivd Features

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