Streamline day-to-day management, spend less time and do more.

Easy Inventory

JustArrivd streamlines inventory operations with easy-to-use tools for all your team.

  • Inventory Levels
    Keep track of inventory in vehicles, stock rooms or wherever else it may be located.
  • Picking Levels
    Allow drivers to enter their standing order directly into their device. Speed up the loading of vehicles with our picking tool and identify discrepancies instantly.
  • Production
    Automatically create production lists based on required quantities across your entire fleet from individual standing orders and current stock levels.
  • Reordering
    Create a reorder report ready to be sent to a supplier at the click of a button.

Easy Pickings

Drastically reduce the complexity and time taken to load and unload vehicles.

  • Multiple Vehicles
    Restock multiple vehicles from one easy-to-use screen.
  • Standing Orders
    See how many additional items of each product are required in order to meet any standing orders set by drivers.
  • Labels
    Save time by printing your generated labels and loading stock at the same time.
  • Waste
    Audible alerts prevent stock that is out of date from being accidentally restocked on vehicles. On a vehicle's return, items not fit for resale can be discarded and any waste tracked.

Make the right decisions

JustArrivd's in-depth analysis helps you make informed decisions at all levels of the business.

  • Identify Trends
    See sales trends for each dropzone.
  • Notes
    Store notes on each dropzone centrally. Notes are displayed on the drivers' screen when they arrive.
  • Popular Products
    Make sure you are stocked with products that sell. Easily see what products are popular at each dropzone.
  • Lifetime Value
    See how much money has been taken at each dropzone and by each vehicle.
  • Follower Information
    See how many people follow your business at each stop, how far they travel and how many other potential customers are in the area.


JustArrivd helps you keep track of tabs and gives your customers easy ways to pay them off.

  • Dashboard
    Easily see which of your customers have tabs and by how much they are in debit or credit.
  • Payments
    Customers can pay off their tab with one touch inside the JustArrivd App, online or in person at the van.
  • Reminders
    Make sure your tabs are paid off on-time with automated reminders. Sent via the app or SMS.

Fleet Tracking

JustArrivd shows you what's happening where and when.

  • Real-time
    Watch everything in real time, see the current location of all your vehicles, current stock level and how much money each has taken.
  • Past-time
    Go back in time and retrace a vehicle's route. See where, when and for how long it stops for.

Kitchen Tools

Spend less time recording your recipes, creating allergen booklets and formatting your labels.

  • Labels
    Create a single template and have JustArrivd generate your labels.
  • Allergens
    Ingredients and allergens are automatically inserted into your label and highlighted appropriately.
  • Nutritional Information
    Automatically calculate nutritional information based upon the ingredients and recipes used to make your items.

User Management

With JustArrivd spend less time managing accounts and more on optimising your business.

  • Unlimited Users
    We don't limit or charge extra for additional employee accounts. Add them easily from the user management page.
  • Multiple Roles
    Give the right access to the right employees. Specific roles allow you to control the access of information, giving employees only access to what they need and keeping other business data confidential.
  • Quick Changes
    Swap drivers between vans quickly at the touch of a button.


Fuel sales, keep customers informed and interested.

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Streamline day-to-day management, spend less time and do more.

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Fast and efficent mobile sales.

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